Course Info

Trailforks makes for the best route viewing!

Race start: Main Mt MacPherson parking lot (Nordic Lodge).
Flowt Bikes will be at the start providing check ups and can assist with any (light) last minute needs! Thanks Flowt team.

The first climb takes you up Black Forest & Ridgewalk, right to the highest point on course.

Stage 1 is the length of TNT and is a fast descent with a few surprises. This stage will wake you up if that climb didn’t already do it for you!

We’ll have an aid station AFTER the first stage (snacks, water, nuun) – thanks to our sponsor Mackenzie Peak Law Firm for hooking us up!!

From the base of TNT, you’ll ride the road to Dusty Beaver, which will lead you into the Flowdown climb. At the hightest point of Flowdown, Stage 2 begins.

Stage 2 runs from the high point of Flowdown, and is a fast, flowy descent, ending just before the trail takes a sharp left before crossing the powerlines. At the powerlines, Valley Retreat B&B will be there to treat you to another aid station.

Continue riding down Flowdown until you hit Tantrum – from there, you’ll head north, climbing a techy little bit to Tantrum’s high point on the north end.

Stage 3 begins at the north high point of Tantrum and is a techy down that has a flat section – so don’t forget to pedal. The stage ends at the end of Tantrum. You can choose to do the feature or go around.

Check in with Skookum at the end of Tantrum and before you get on your way to Boulder Mountain. Skookum Cycle will have people there to give you snacks and also to check up on your bike. Thanks Skookum!

Pedal Hwy 23 to the lights at the Trans Canada. Keep going straight at the lights – you’ll now be on Westside Rd, heading north to Boulder Mountain. Beware of traffic, and if you’re riding in a group, please be courteous to those around you!!

Turn left to Boulder Mountain at the Snowmobile Club (there will be signs). Keep going along this FSR, crossing the Jordan River, until you see us at the Boulder Parking Lot. We will have a delicious La Baguette LUNCH for you here (yeah!). It will be on from 11-1 so you can eat before or after the last stage. We will also have Tantrum there with a bike check station in case you need anything!

For the last climb, you will be treated the beautiful and scenic Boulder FSR (oohhhh, ahhhh). Get up that sucker and to the top of Logging Leftovers for THE FINAL STAGE!

Logging Leftovers is one of the Revelstoke hot trails and is Stage 4. It’s fast and it’s down (I’m running out of words to describe downhill trails) and it’s a ton of fun. This stage finishes at the Boulder powerlines.

Our final aid station is from a surprise guest, so we won’t give away any secrets yet. After your final boost, ride the bottom part of Logging Leftovers to Schools Out and all the way into the Boulder parking lot for some celebration.

Take some to shower and chill, then join us at the after party at TRAVERSE where we’ve got DJ SiFi, a smokin hot dance floor, and a frickin SPECIALIZED STUMPJUMPER to give away (among many other prizes). We’ll be doing podium presentations at the party too!


Bikes, Beers, and Babes-8